Glam Bot Alternative Set up at an event

The Glambot / Robot Cam

Astonish Your Guests

Video Content that will absolutely stun your audience!

Perfect for Film Launches, Premieres, Music Award Ceremonies, Product Launches, Award Shows and Brand Activations.

It's finally here! Many of our wonderful clients have been requesting a Glambot Alternative from us, ever since Cole Walliser stunned guests and viewers at home alike with his fantastic Robot Arm solution. Now - we bring you a similar concept for a fraction of the price.

Our stunning 4K Camera can capture video in as slow as 240 fps, creating the ultimate in fast-processed slow motion effects. We can also provide a range of different movements, all masterminded by our on site Director - who will be sure to get the most out of your guests. The base of the arm, video template, e-mail sharing and online gallery templates are all fully customisable, making this the perfect experience for Brands, Corporate Activations, Awards Shows and Film/TV Premieres.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find an answer here, please Contact Us.

How many attendants does the Glambot come with?

The booth always comes with two highly-skilled attendants. One member of staff will be someone with training in robotics operation, which is necessary to control a highly specialised piece of equipment such as our Glambot Alternative. The front operator will be dealing with camera operation, and running guests through the entire video process!

How much can we expect to pay to hire the Glambot?

As we are using a high-spec model of mechanical robot, and two highly trained attendants, naturally our Glambot Alternative is costly to run - but we've done our best to keep the cost as reasonable as possible. Pricing starts at just £1,495 + VAT.

How do Guests receive their video content?

Great question! Thanks to software developments in recent months, we're now able to render all of our videos in under 20 seconds live at events. Sharing can then be delivered via Airdrop, QR Code, E-mail or Text message (whatsapp is not recommended due to its extreme video compression). We can also display a live feed of recent videos on a display screen near the bot!

Do you offer any backdrops?

Oh yes, we love a good backdrop! We offer a range of backdrops, and our design team can put something totally bespoke together for you. This could be a shimmer wall, light tunnel, the sky is the limit! We also have a range of pre-existing backdrops available if that's preferable.

How much notice do I need to book with?

Due to the logistics involved in booking the Glambot Alternative - the more time the better. Ideally we would have this booked at least a week in advance, so that we can arrange all of the necessary branding and logistics requirements involved in making your event or activation an overwhelming success.

Can this be used outside?

Absolutely! All we ask is that power and Wi-Fi are available, and that we're placed on a solid and stable ground. We will also need to arrange a plan in order to relocate the equipment as fast as possible in the event of rain or other adverse weather conditions.

What We Include

Did you know there are a tonne of add-ons included with each package? See the full list below!

Super Slow Mo Camera

Our ultra high-def camera shoots super slow motion, in a staggering 240fps! This means that your videos will play back at 4 times slower than the eye would usually perceive, which is really quite something to behold! The output is generally rendered in Portrait format, meaning the videos are ready-made for social sharing on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook Reels and Youtube Shorts to name a few!

Custom Backdrops Available (Add-On)

All of our standard backdrops are available free of charge when you book a GlamRobot Package with us! These are sized at 8x7.5 foot, which fits into most rooms (please check the height of your ceiling to be sure). We also can offer bespoke backdrops installations for those that want a little more fizz!

Two Fantastic Attendants

All of our GlamRobot/Glambot packages come with two highly-trained, highly social operators. One of these will be in charge of operating the robot (which requires high-level training), and the other will manage the queue and prepare the guests - to ensure they get the best videos possible! They will also manage the instant sharing (see the next card).

Super-Fast, Instant Sharing

Thanks to the latest technology in video software, our videos can now be rendered in as little as 11 seconds. You can of course add more effects and visuals to this as well. Once ready, the videos can be instantly shared via Airdrop (the most popular option), as well as E-Mail, QR Code and Text Message (these require a stable Wi-Fi Connection). We also have GDPR & Data Capture Capabilties with all of our booths, making these perfect for Corporate Events, Brand Activations and Launches.

Who We Work With

We've had the pleasure of working with over 500+ brands in our 10+ years of business. Listed below are a few recent favourites!
We are also lucky enough to have provided services for The BBC, Nike, BT SPORT, Samsung & many more.