360 Photo Booth Hire

A New Level of Fun.

Our latest sensation is the 360 Photo Booth. This service completely tears up the rule book for what and how a Photo Booth should do and look, and we absolutely love it

Up to 6 guests stand on our 5 foot circular platform, and are then circled by a camera, which takes a high def, low angle, slow motion video. This can also be set to create a boomerang-style effect. Once the recording has completed (usually 5 seconds), the software uploads the videos to an online gallery, and guests can also have the link emailed over to them straight away.

360 Photo Booth in use at a summer event.

360 Photo Booth Highlights:


There is simply no Photo Booth that can match the fun of being on the 360 Photo Booth. Grab your friends, grab a prop, and pull off your best poses while the Camera circles around you!


Maximise results by adding something that guests can throw into the air while recording. One such option is Confetti poppers. The 360 booth will show the confetti being blasted in the air in slow motion, producing some tremendous results! Equally, dollar blasters that shoot fake notes into the air creates a similarly jawdropping effect.


Consider upgrading your service by adding a Social Sharing Station. These are placed a few metres away from the Booth itself, and allow guests to upload their videos to Instagram/Facebook (for which they are optimised) without causing long queues at the 360 itself.


The 360 itself is fairly quick to set up (30 minutes or less). It does however, need 3m x 3m for the arm to fully rotate. This service is perfect for Corporate Events and Brand Activations. It is also suitable for Weddings or Parties with enough space to fully utilise the booth.


Once your video has finished recording, the final product will be instantly uploaded to your online gallery (presuming the venue has Wi-Fi). Guests can then email the videos to themselves or share on social media! The videos look particularly great on Instagram and Facebook.


All of our booths also come with an online gallery and fully up to date PAT Certification and PLI Insurance. Our 360 Photo Booth was recently featured by Want That Wedding. Also consider checking out our Classic Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors.